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About us.

We are Global ArchiTechSolutions

Global ArchiTech Solutions have quickly become a premier source and serving as a reliable Architectural, Technological solution provider. Specializing in providing fast, reliable solutions for businesses in today's fast pace technology world. Global ArchiTech Solutions is a company dedicated to providing you with the most powerful Architectural designs, IT products, solutions and strategies that keep you on the cutting edge of technology.
At Global ArchiTech Solution, we are very proud of the work we have done. We work hard to ensure not only complete customer satisfaction, but also to provide the appropriate level of solutions and strategies for your business. Whether you are an individual, a private business owner or in the corporate world we have a solution for you.

Your number one Architectural and technological solution provider... Be it IT consulting, Architectural Drawings, Designs and consulting, Business Consulting, 3D Designs, Naval Architecture, Information Technology Consulting, Hardware & Software Supply, Software Development, Managed Services and many more...

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IT Consultancy

With a broad spectrum of skills and industry experience we are able to help you design and implement the best suitable integrated solution.

No Job is Too Small

Although our services are tailored towards small to medium and large sized businesses, our first priority is with private individuals and corporate firms...

IT Audits

Upon our visit we will provide you with full assessment of your existing IT infrastructure – its hardware as well as software. Audit is the secret of doing your job effectively.

Ad-hoc projects

When your business is facing a challenge or task that is not a part of the regular day to day business repertoire, we can assemble an ad hoc project team to help you out.

Proactive IT Management

By maximizing the benefits of technology, daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure all tasks are completed and reported consistently and without fail. As the tasks run, valuable data is gathered to spot trends and patterns which can be used to plan system changes or enhancements. This reduces or eliminates any impact on the business. Consistency creates reliability which results in predictable costs. How many times have you received a bill that you couldn't understand or begin to determine if it was justified? Consistency is the cornerstone of Managed Services

Our Designs

With Global ArchiTech Solutions, Be rest assured that you are covered, our Architectural designs are tailored to your specific needs and budget even while we use cutting edge technology in delivering your project.

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